The Story of London Lily

London Lily was founded in 2010 by Catherine Dunne

Ever since Catherine was a little girl she has always been creative – she would spend hours making friendship bracelets, books and cards or writing songs and poems.

In September 2010 Catherine was in between jobs, to fill time she started designing and making costume jewellery as a hobby. The joy that it brought when making these items inspired her to turn it in to a business.

Not long after London Lily was born, some of the jewellery featured on X Factor, which then featured in magazines. It also then went on to be one of the first winners of Theo Paphitis SBS.

What started as just costume jewellery, it soon grew to include homeware, accessories, bags and Sterling Silver jewellery – all handmade by Catherine.

Catherine is a proud supporter of handmade – spread the creativity!

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